GDM Automazioni produces prototype fixtures for the automotive industry, focusing on metal carpentry. Our staff includes specialists in welding lines and checking fixtures. The company also deals with CAD/CAM, all aspects of design, and mechanical automation systems.

GDM Automazioni handles projects in the following areas:

  • Metal carpentry
  • Prototype fixtures
  • Welding lines
  • CAD/CAM toolpaths
  • Checking fixtures
  • Mechanical automation systems



Fixtures are designed directly in-house using CATIA V5, SOLIDWORKS, VISI VERO Solutions and benefiting from cooperative agreements and partnerships with the best engineering and design firms in the Torino area.

All work is coordinated by our design and development supervisors to ensure absolute synergy between what we design and the output of our production facilities, whether it’s entirely in-house or subcontracted. At the same time, we work closely with the end customer to ensure that component development proceeds seamlessly.




Our facilities are equipped with machinery for producing the fixtures that are constructed and assembled on site. GDM draws on the skills of a pool of partner machine shops who produce some of the Group’s components. All final machining, assembly and setup is performed entirely in our plant.

This enables us to optimize processing times and eliminate logistic waste in transferring sub-components. As another advantage, effective action can be taken if changes or adjustments must be made to the finished product during assembly.

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At the end of production, fixtures are inspected and dimensionally certified in-house using certified measurement instruments to ensure that they comply with the tolerances specified by the customer.

Inspection and certification can be carried out directly on the customer’s premises.