In 2007 comes the GDM SAS. initially an artisan management, but thanks to a continuous expansion and the capacity and experience of the owners, Giuseppe and Claudio Gangemi Dal Maso, Che dealing Personally Area Technical Operational And that boast thirty years experience gained in leading companies of the industry, the company has Got A Development and Expansion A current Against the current economic crisis.

The Gangemi holders and Dal Maso, Visas obtained Developments IN 2011 and 2012, and the growth of the customer base, have formed a new company GDM Automation srl Specializing in prototype equipment for the automotive sector, which operates in parallel with the CONSOLIDATA GMD Sas. The new company has its operational headquarters a Volvera, in the province of Torino, Che you go to ADD to the former home of Scalenghe.

Results obtained on the Design and Implementation of prototype equipment and Investments Made in 2011 and Previous Years Have Brought the GDM Automation srl get come the final RESULT A company SIA Growth Under the Professional Profile What acquiring New orders in the automotive sector.


The strengths that distinguish the GDM Automations we can summarize them in:

  • Flexibility
  • Rapid intervention
  • High product quality
  • Scrupulous respect of delivery times
  • Costs and absolutely competitive times
  • Logistics directly managed by themselves.


In addition, key is the ability to optimize business costs that impact unnecessarily on the cost of the finished product and consequently the customer. The management and operational experience has allowed the GDM Automation solutions to achieve such high-value but economically competitive.

A cohesive team of excellent professionals, experienced, highly motivated and reliable participating in the various phases of production from design to design to assembly to testing and assistance in the establishment.